About Us

Pita bread has been a staple for many Middle Eastern countries. Pita has slowly expanded in popularity over the past years.

As each region has its own unique flavors and recipes, there is a never-ending variety of pita bread to taste.

However, not all pita breads are healthy and often those that are nutritious lack the flavors that you love.

That’s why we effectuate “EKMEK”

At Ekmek, quality and the best service are our priority. For years, we’ve been working with wholesalers and restaurants to provide locals around Europe and Poland, freshly-baked pita bread straight to their dinner plate.

Natural and tasty

Blending a several-generations recipe, freshly baked flavors, and an on-going commitment to bringing you the best tasting and smell of bread you’ve ever eaten.

The paste is prepared according to the company’s recipe. We want the finished product to have a clean label, so we do not use ready-made baking mixes and artificial additives.

our mission

To deliver pita bread to households that tastes like it was just made straight out of the oven

our vision

A diverse cultural variety and recipes of Ekmek that both healthy and delicious across the world

Moist, Light and Flat is what you expect when you grab and take your first bite into a slice of Ekmek pita bread….

Sealed With Freshness

Each of our Pita Bread is sealed in an organic packaging that locks the flavor and freshness, ensuring you get that moist soft taste when you take your first bite.


Made with completely natural ingredients and finest flour, our Pita Breads delivers you the nutritious benefits without losing the mouth water flavors that you love.


Working alongside logistics companies, we make sure your Pita Bread is delivered straight to your doorstep all around Europe. We guarantee your Pita will arrive fresh and full of deliciousness.

Working Hours:

8am – 5pm

We Are Here:

Al. Krakowska 8, 05-552
Wola Mrokowska, Poland

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