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What is Pita Bread?

Pita bread is a type of flatbread that is made with a combination of dough that was left to collect yeast and fresh dough. The bread is baked at high temperatures, making the dough to expand quickly to form pockets in the interior.

Our Vision

A diverse cultural variety and recipes of pita bread that is both healthy and delicious across the world.

Our Mission

To deliver pita bread to households that tastes like it was just made straight out of the oven

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a private person place an order?

Currently, we do not sell products to private individuals. Soon we plan to introduce the sale of pita bread and breadcrumbs on the website

How to start cooperation?

To start cooperation with us, please fill out the form on our website or call the number provided in the “Contact” tab.

Are the products vegan?

Yes. In the production of pita bread and breadcrumbs, we do not use ANY animal products, only plant ingredients.

How to keep fresh the pita and can it be frozen?

Our pita breads have a shelf life of 5 days from the date of production. We recommend storing pita in a dry place at a temperature below 18 ° C. Before the expiry date, you can freeze the product, and store it up to 6 months at -18°C.

What are the sizes of the pita?

The breads baked by us come in various sizes – from 16 cm to even 33 cm in diameter.

Are the bread crumbs made from returned bread?

No. We make breadcrumbs from specially baked bread.

How to prepare a delicious kebab in pita?

It’s very easy! Just roll the fried pieces of meat, vegetables, sauce. Bon appetit!

Can pita only be used for kebabs?

Arabic pita bread can be used not only to prepare kebabs, but also for a variety of dishes. Pita tastes great with sauce or dip. Pita can also be used to make chips or use it as a pizza base.

Organic and Taste-bud friendly, find out why EKMEK is one of the best Pita Bread Bakeries in Europe.

Moist, Light and Flat is what you expect when you grab and take your first bite into a slice of pita bread.

Blending a several-generations recipe, freshly baked flavors, and an on-going commitment to bringing you the best tasting and healthiest bread you’ve ever eaten.


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For years, we’ve been working with wholesalers and restaurants to provide locals around Europe and Poland, freshly-baked pita bread straight to their dinner plates.

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